Welcome to the EzekielWatch blog! This blog provides a comprehensive guide to one of the most relevant, incredible Biblical prophecies (Ezekiel 38-39) that appears to be on the very-near horizon, and like the resettling of Israel (Ezekiel 36-37) could be literally fulfilled within our lifetimes.

The Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy details a massive attack (frequently termed the “Magog Invasion“)  on Israel by Russia, Iran, and the other Islamic nations of the Middle East and God’s intervention on Israel’s behalf.   From the details of the text, this prophecy appears to be moving into place to occur any day, and it appears to involve the use of tactical nuclear weapons.



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  1. Timothy Burt

    Hello Chris, My wife and I just spent a week with your parents in Florida, we had a great time, they have such servants hearts and treated us like royalty! I have had a heart for Israel and a prophetic eye on world events for quite a while. Some of my favorite reads have been Hal Lindsey’s The Everlasting hatred, The Roots of Jihad, Pastor Hagee’s books on Israel and more recently Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger, I highly recommend it. I was excited to hear about your books. I look forward to reading them. Which of them are the recent rewritten “trilogy”? Blessings, Tim Burt

    • Hi Tim! Those are some of my favorite books to (along with Joel Rosenberg’s). I haven’t heard of “The Harbiner” but I’ll check it out. My rewritten trilogy is “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” trilogy (currently selling the bundle at 2-for-1 on the kindle). My author site is at – my newest book “The Castors of Giza” is due out next week!

      I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Timothy Burt

    Thanks Chris. I agree Joel Rosenberg is excellent as well. I’ve also gotten alot out of Levitt Ministries. You can find videos of Jonathan Cahn on youtube.com, via Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. There is no more clearer Prophetic word of what the Lord is trying to tell our nation than The Harbinger. Good stuff, Blessings Tim Burt

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