Israeli Flags

While on the tour of Israel, something else I noticed was the great national pride the Israelis have – which was very noticeable in the attitudes of many of the people we met, but also in the sheer number and frequency of Israeli flags we saw. The people we encountered were often busy with their work, talking with one another, and generally enjoying life.

It seemed like everywhere we turned, there was at least one Israeli flag in sight – in front of homes, hanging from apartment windows, flying from poles on the farms, and along the sides of buildings. Was there a special occasion in Israel to cause this vast showing of patriotism?  No – it was just another week.

Another difference was that the Israelis actively teach their children and young people both the Old Testament and their modern history. Our tour guide often repeated, “If you don’t know where you came from, you won’t know where you’re going.” How true.

I found it sobering to realize that America has lost (or is losing) something that Israel has not: self-confidence and national-pride. I found myself almost sad to come back to America, which I see is now clearly in decline due her overreaching government and apathy of so many of her people.

As I took notice of the Israeli flags, I often wondered how much better America would be if we flew as many flags as they do? How much better America would be if her government and schools once again taught our children her true history and heritage. How much better would our homes be if we weren’t constantly barraged by news of how terrible our country is for going to war and how we are always taking advantage of the poorer countries through our wealth.

What has caused America to falter and lose her self-confidence? I blame two culprits (primarily):  the leftist mainstream media’s decade-long attack on President Bush and America’s sovereignty, and President Obama’s socialist/new-world agenda (constantly apologizing for America’s rights-and-wrongs, massive deficit-spending, and governing against the majority-will of the people).

Today, we have a President who is not only refusing any attempts to protect our national borders, but is also trying to prevent our states from protecting their citizens against foreigners who are illegal!

Today, we have a President and a Congress who passes massive, intrusive laws without even bothering to read them, while waging political wars against good laws the majority favors that they happen to disagree with. We have a President and a Congress who show no regard for our Founders, the republic of federalism they created, and the citizenry who are actually paying for this government.

Exactly who are the members of our Congress representing, and whose liberties is the President defending? They cry that they are defending the poor, downtrodden, and helpless, while really only expanding the power, size, and scope of their state.

When we send our kids off to school or give them a newspaper to read, how often do they hear about how so many people gave up everything to come here and start new lives in a free land?

How often do they hear about the sacrifices our veterans and pioneers have made over and over again (and would do so again quite willingly)?

How often are they told that being an American is something to be proud of?


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