Iran vs Britain; Obama Responds

After Iran’s attempts in squelching the protesters of its recent “election” turned violent, President Obama has finally chosen a side (that of freedom) rather than remain neutral.

Obama Condemns Iran’s Iron Fist Against Protests

When you’re the leader of the free world — regardless of your personal feelings and beliefs — you cannot stay on the sidelines. The leaders of Iran are finding themselves in the middle of a revolution, but this time it’s against them — the very ones that instigated the Islamic Revolution in Iran 30 years ago. If Iran is the Islamic Paradise, then why are the people upset and trying to overthrow it?

I was too young to remember Jimmy Carter and the Iran-Hostage Crisis, but it appears that Obama (or at least his advisers) have learned something from history. When you’re in a leadership position, you have to actually LEAD. You have to take a stand and make history, rather than let history happen while you helplessly watch.

Meanwhile, Britain is being forced to take a stronger stand with Iran as well, since Iran expelled two diplomats after Britain expelled two of theirs.

Iran to ‘review’ UK relations as tensions mount

And now the question that everyone’s really asking: Where’s the French?!?!?


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