Avoiding a Second Front

During the brief lull in the Gaza war, Lebanese terrorists are launching missiles into northern Israel, in an attempt to open a second front. However, Israel is showing restraint in the north, since the missiles are not coming from the Lebanese military nor Hezbollah.

A few days ago, Israel bombed a handful of UN schools in Gaza, outraging the Arabs, the Lefties, and most of the MSM. How dare the Israelis target a school! Could it be that it’s because Hamas sets up their launchers next to the schools, knowing full-well that the Israelis do not intentionally target civilians? Sometimes, Hamas puts the launchers on the school/hospital roofs or even inside them!

When Hamas targets innocent Israeli civilians, no one bats an eye (after all, that’s what’s expected from terrorists now, right?). But when Israel strikes a school with children being used as human shields, the world is outraged! It’s not Israel’s fault but Hamas’! How about a little moral clarity here?

Keep in mind that Hamas was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED by the people of Gaza to run their country/government over the more moderate Fatah. The Palestinians knew what Hamas is about (unlike most of the Left and the MSM) and they chose to give them more power over their lives.

At times, I sympathize with the Palestinians because they really are between a rock and a hard place. But electing a terrorist organization to run your government is not the way to improve your life — terrorists cannot build, only destroy. That’s their nature…


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