Israel vs Hamas, Round XXXXI

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that Israel was the aggressor in the Middle East and Hamas was the peace-loving victim. At least that’s how many of the cable-news channels and newspapers are portraying the latest “outbreak of violence”.

The mainstream media typically puts it’s anti-Israel rhetoric in the first few paragraphs and then gradually fills in more of the details as the editorial/article continues. They do the same with their anti-Republican/anti-Conservative columns. Why? Probably because most readers skim the first paragraph or two and then move on to another column unless something in the article catches and holds their attention.

Did we hear anything about Hamas breaking their truce with Israel on December 19th? Not really. What about when Hamas began firing missiles into Israel for the next week or so? Nope.

Ah, but when Israel fires back, THAT’s when it’s time to start informing the public of the unrest. After all, it’s all Israel’s fault that there’s problems in the Middle East, right? Right!

Once again, Hamas targets the innocents, but Israel goes after the Hamas leadership and not the civilians if they can help it. Nevermind that Hamas puts rocket launchers next to apartment buildings and hospitals.

I suppose it’s good that an election is coming up in Israel — otherwise the government might not have responded to the daily missile attacks on their constituents.

Israel targets Hamas Leaders and Ministry
Israel calls Gaza assault ‘war to the bitter end’

What’s this? Hamas government leaders “were” using buildings at the Islamic Unversity? I can’t believe it! I say “were” because Israel has bombed the university: IAF hits Islamic University targets. It appears that Israel has a hard time distinguishing between Islamic radicals and Islamic students in Gaza. Silly Jews! Don’t you know how many foreign Islamic students go to Gaza to “study”?!??!

And why is Russia getting involved “again”? Don’t the Israeli’s understand that Russia is a huge supplier of humanitarian aid to Gaza (namely rockets, semi-automatic weapons, and plastique)?

Russia asks Israel to end Gaza attacks, let in aid

Is it just me, or has the Middle East and Russia “issue” (see Ezekiel 38-39) been heating up since the Obama election?


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