Russia Bracing for Unrest

Since my last post “Russia on Offense, America on Defense”, even better news has come out about Russia. Because of the pummeling oil prices, Russia’s currency is rapidly being devalued against the dollar and the Euro. The Russian economy is collapsing, and yet they plan to pour more money into their military!

“Russia Braces for Unrest”

I believe that Russia sees the proverbial “writing on the wall” (thanks, Daniel!) and is going to “go for broke”. It’s likely now that oil prices are going to remain much lower for the next year or two as it will take a while for the world economy to recover. When most of your economy (or in Russia’s case, government revenue) is based upon oil prices and the market suddenly collapses, how can they stabilize their economy/government?

One way is to launch (or have your proxies launch) a massive war in the Middle East. Against who? Why, Israel of course! A Middle East war — or even the threat of an imminent Middle East war — would drive oil prices back up over $100/barrel in a day or two. Oil revenues come pouring back in, Russia’s economy stabilizes, and every little Arab dictator is happy.

Think it can’t happen? Read Ezekiel 38 carefully. One of the primary reasons Russia invades Israel is because of wealth and plunder. But note that modern Russia doesn’t need to “steal” from Israel to grow rich.

They just need the oil prices to go back up…


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