Heee’s [Coming] Baaack!

The headline of Drudge today reads “PUTIN PLOT TO RETURN AS PRESIDENT“.

Ha!  As if he ever really wasn’t! Is there anyone out there who believes that Medvedev is really in charge and not Czar Putin? Russia has been a DINO – Democracy In Name Only – for the last several years!

A new freshman American President who’s already perceived as being weak on the foreign front (though he talks strong) will give Russia the opportunity to re-exert her influence in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and yes — Central and South America.

Full story at: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081106/wl_nm/us_russia_medvedev_putin

Look for Russia to subvert weakened US alliances on multiple fronts, especially when President Obama begins scaling back troop levels and cutting the defense budget.

Obama has enough problems to deal with on the home-front for his first 2-3 years with the economy. Will he really speak out (or threaten) as Russia continues to rise?


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