Sowing and Reaping (Part II)

The foolishness of the spoiled youth of today and the doctrines of the rebel generation of the Sixties has produced the vaunted presidential candidate Barack Obama. According to the media, he is loved and adored by all, except the old fuddy-duddies, the religious extremists, and the racists.

As the election draws closer, Obama continues to climb in the polls (if they are to be trusted). What will the country look like if he is elected? Increased taxes, gay marriage, speech restrictions (ie, limited talk-radio), and government healthcare.

Consider that Obama’s policies will hurt 2 groups of people the most: the rebel-generation Baby Boomers who will be entering retirement soon and the “we-know-everything-at-twenty” youth.

The effects of his election will probably not be felt immediately, but are sure to grow worse over time. At least two to four years are typically required for a president’s policies to have widepread effects. Increased taxes never hurt right away, but a few years down the road, they will weigh heavily on your income and lifestyle.

When Obama raises taxes on “the rich” after entering the Oval Office, the economy will suffer and the entry-level jobs that most college-grads get will dry up. Who creates jobs? Hint: it’s not the poor or the lower middle-class. Who wants to hire kids with no experience and with no work ethic? Kids, when you finally grow up (hopefully by your thirties), you’ll realize that being rich doesn’t make you evil.

And when Obama taxes capital gains and imposes government control on the healthcare system, who will suffer the most? Hint: it won’t be the young and healthy. It will be the growing elderly (ie, Baby Boomers) and the sick. When you’re 70 and need to go to the doctor, expect waiting periods. Long waiting periods. And when the time comes to sell your stocks and bonds, know that more of your money will go to the government, not to you who earned it.

So, with all that said, perhaps the election of Barack Obama is imminent, to punish the rebels who demanded no-fault divorce, free drugs, free love, and abortion rights. The values of this decent nation were overturned in a single generation which has now come to maturity.

God is not mocked for long, and the most anti-God generation in the history of this country will probably learn that fact before they pass away.

Perhaps the Baby Boomers will reap the fruit of the seeds they had sown in the Sixties.


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